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So far so good, not as much inquiries that we are getting but there's a few so thats a start. Hopefully we can generate more leads from you guys.

Katrina M. Abustan

Afterschool has a good online presence and this has helped us in reaching out to parents who are interested in Creative Education. We can keep parents posted about our events through their support and friendly team.

Jesika M

The has been helpful in promoting our business in ways like being exposed to public and receive clients. I would recommend to other providers as the this line can introduce your business throughout large audiences in different areas.

Joseph Kamyab has been an immense help for us to reach our target audience and bridge our school to them. We have had numerous inquiries from people just by being visible in the website, and some of these people have been clients of our school partnering with us to provide their children with the best standard of musical education we can provide. We, at Maestro Music & Arts Centre, appreciate deeply the relationship we have with afterschool, because they have worked very hard to make sure that we get our desired results. To the length of going out of their way to accommodate and entertain our request. Thank you and good luck on your future endeavours, afterschool!.

Peter Davidovschi

My Gym UAE was one of the first to list on and we are suitably impressed with the professionalism with which we have been handled. There is timely delivery of what has been promised and additional support wherever possible which is a refreshing change. The site is growing steadily and attracts more visitors with radio advertising and an app which is convenient for busy mothers making it a natural choice for young companies offering after school activities which they wish to promote and generate awareness for.

Pia Bahri