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Winter Drama Workshops 3-4 yrs

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Winter Camp 2015

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Story Telling Winter Camp - December

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Fun Robotics Winter Camp

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Winter Camp

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Languages and Maths Winter Booster Classes

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Fencing for Juniors 12 - 14

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Maths and English

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Abacus and Brain Gym

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Royal Academy of Dance BALLET

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IFA Football Sessions

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Out Of This World - Weekends

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Piano Lessons

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Winter Shooting Camp Al Twar

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Complete Winter Package at thejamjar

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3D Prinintg Winter Camp

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Winter Camp

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Elite Sports Winter Camp

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Winter Camp

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Winter Concert


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Blended Learning

25 Nov 2015
The meaning and concept of Early Years education has taken a complete turn in the last few years. With

Creating Reggio inspired Environments

24 Nov 2015
Evidence of the children’s learning through photographs, dialogue, paintings, drawings, sculptures and general learning through play and exploration

Give your child a gift of a lifetime

23 Nov 2015
Give your Child a gift that he will cherish for a lifetime. Through a personalized learning program geared to their needs, Mathnasium offers you the opportunity to help

Welcome to Odyssey Nursery!

23 Nov 2015
We believe in exposing children to 2 to 3 languages (English, French and Arabic) from the age of 1, providing a learner-centered approach in which each child will enjoy coming every day, and

FROZEN Winter Camp at Sensation Station

23 Nov 2015
Only a few more weeks till School Break and the Holiday Season. The FROZEN Winter Camp at Sensation Station welcomes children age 4 – 7 years old.

Winners Announced for’s Mune Mania

19 Nov 2015
We would like to thank you for participating in our Mune Mania contest of Facebook. We are overwhelmed by the your heartfelt comments! Here are the list of winners who win 2 free tickets, each for Mune – Guardian of the Moon.

How to maximise your child’s academic potential if their mother tongue is not English!

17 Nov 2015
Your child might be the greatest scientist, mathematician, author or engineer, but if most of their lessons are taught in English and that is not your child’s mother tongue,

ChuckECheese’s Oud Metha – Surprise your kid at their birthday with ChucKE & the band

15 Nov 2015
Chuck E. Cheese’s Oud Metha, the best entertainment center in the UAE, features games, rides, prizes, birthdays, food and

Get your Kids to Start A Blog

15 Nov 2015
Tavi Gevinson was 12 when she began sharing her musings on fashion and style in her blog, The Style

Tips for saving the leader in our child

10 Nov 2015
Every child is born with leadership qualities like self-esteem, problem solving skills, motivation, resilience, people skills etc and displays all

Martial Arts are for little girls too

09 Nov 2015
Are you a woman who has questions about the martial arts? Are you a mother who wants to enroll

ieducation Conference 2015” brings experts to discuss technology for Inclusive Education

09 Nov 2015
Child Early Intervention Medical Center in collaboration with Dubai Healthcare City and Arabian Child launches the

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Some of the best UAE activity providers are listed on
and have benefited from our wide network of parents.


My Gym

My Gym UAE was one of the first to list on and we are suitably impressed with the professionalism with which we have been handled. There is timely delivery of what has been promised and additional support wherever possible which is a refreshing change. The site is growing steadily and attracts more visitors with radio advertising and an app which is convenient for busy mothers making it a natural choice for young companies offering after school activities which they wish to promote and generate awareness for.

Pia Bahri

Managing Partner


Maestro Music and Arts Centre

" has been an immense help for us to reach our target audience and bridge our school to them. We have had numerous inquiries from people just by being visible in the website, and some of these people have been clients of our school partnering with us to provide their children with the best standard of musical education we can provide.

We, at Maestro Music & Arts Centre, appreciate deeply the relationship we have with afterschool, because they have worked very hard to make sure that we get our desired results. To the length of going out of their way to accommodate and entertain our request.

Thank you and good luck on your future endeavours, afterschool!."

Peter Davidovschi

General Manager


Gymnastics Time Academy

The has been helpful in promoting our business in ways like being exposed to public and receive clients. I would recommend to other providers as the this line can introduce your business throughout large audiences in different areas.

Joseph Kamyab

Head Coach


The Gaia Performing Arts Training Centre

Great to see The Gaia Centre images up on your newsfeed and thanks for the support on short notice. Already in love with the way functions.


The Gaia Team


MPAC Sports

So far so good, not as much inquiries that we are getting but there's a few so thats a start. Hopefully we can generate more leads from you guys.

Katrina M. Abustan

Marketing Manager


Premier Genie, Educational Training Center has certainly been beneficial for our business. We have received several new inquiries for our center which is good for the business. The staff at has been very cooperative and helpful. It is useful for any set up to have a promotional partner who is as concerned about endorsing your business as you are. We've seen great initiative from the team and we hope the trend continues for as long as our association lasts.

Asha Burman

Director Premier Genie