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About Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra

National Conservatory (NC) – Dubai

Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO)

After the graduation of more than 500 young members of the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) since 1993 whose talents were developed to an advanced level, nine of which became professional musicians, the need to establish a music conservatory became a matter of urgency in order to enable young generations in the UAE to learn to play musical instruments.
Based on the reputation and recognition that EYSO received from numerous European music colleges due to its prestigious standards and highly qualified professors, in 2009 the EYSO was able to get an accreditation from the Premier Music College of Prague (one of the best music schools in Europe) to place the foundation stone for the first accredited music conservatory in the UAE and the region at large.

Our musically professional National Conservatory - Dubai is based on a serious musical school system which enables our graduates in any level to continue their studies in any high-level conservatory in the world. In our conservatory, we offer teaching: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano, Flute, Guitar, Oud and Theory, Symphony Orchestra play, and Chamber Music. During every school year we provide two kinds of exams – Internal and International. The internal exam is held 3 times a year at the end of each term, and is based on theory and a public concert exam. The international one titled the International Study Exam, on the other hand, is held twice a year, and is conducted based on the high standards of the Czech curriculum of the Premier Music College of Prague.

To recognize students’ efforts, they will receive both an internal and international certificate at the end of the year with their scores.
Our requirements are not only to have fun, but also to work hard and strive to become fluent and professional in the instrument they pursue to be able to be excellent orchestra players and soloists.

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