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Raffles International School - 20th Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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About MK Fencing Academy

Why Fencing:
Fencing is a traditional and prestigious Olympic Sport, a challenge to both body and mind, providing a unique
mix of physical, intellectual and emotional stimulation.
How many sports do you know of that can give your child a physical and mental challenge while building their
confidence, social skills, and academic future?  Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?  But this is
exactly what fencing can do for your children.
It is an incredibly fun yet incredibly challenging sport, which contributes to the holistic development and well-
being of children and supports them in becoming not only successful athletes but active and healthy persons
and accomplished young individuals with strong set of life skills and values.
Strategic thinking, discipline, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, resilience, confidence, competitiveness,
patience, balance, creativity, independence, focus, accountability, stress-release and enjoyment, while
building coordination, precision, reaction, agility, flexibility, grace, endurance and overall fitness - these are
just some of the benefits of playing the unique sport of fencing.
Who we are:
The first of its kind in the Middle East, MK Fencing Academy is now the UAE’s premier fencing academy and
true ambassador of the Olympic sport of Fencing.
Chosen for The Best Sport Youth Academy of the Year on the UAE Sports Industry Awards 2018, the
Academy’s primary objective is to promote modern fencing as an exciting and enjoyable sport for all with
special focus on the youth.
MK Fencing Academy schedule offers junior (ages 6+) and adult fencing programmes in Epee, covering both
recreational and competitive national /international levels.
All MKFA coaches are professional athletes, highly educated, with rich expertise and Passion for Fencing!

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