Summer Stage Workshops 2017
Ductac - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Welcome to Kids' Theatre Works! School Holiday Workshop Programme where our performers get to be active and creative all at once as they prepare for a staged show at the end of the week in the Kilachand Studio Theatre at DUCTAC!

We actively encourage all our students, regardless of ability, to participate and get involved with all aspects of the final performance. It's a fun, exciting and challenging experience, which develops a sense of teamwork and cooperation in the kids. The programme is carefully structured with workshop performers gaining a solid insight into many aspects of theatre. Besides the preparations for the performance, focus on voice, movement, working with scripts, and developing characters, there is even more happening, including:

Theatre Games and Exercises: most of them performance - focused, often involving mime and improvisation, which develop skills in such as cooperation, movement and creative imagination.

Choral Pieces, "raps", musical numbers, choreography, voice, role-playing, storytelling and forms of imaginative play are all part of the creative process.

While the kids learn to work with scripted materials and stories, they also have opportunities to develop and contribute their own creative content. At all times we foster and create an open, cooperative, supportive and non-competitive environment, in which every child has an opportunity to participate fully and equally.

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