Elementary Mobile Application & Robotics Level 1 - Term-Long Course (7-10 Years)
Dubai Knowledge Park - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Skillbloc is a place where children can explore and experiment with a wide range of STEM topics. The idea is to provide them with an outlet where they can use their imagination and curiosity in a productive manner and in the process develop a tangible life skill. Our vision is to inculcate the passion for STEM and ‘building things with their own hands’ among our students from an early age, and we intend to do it through our innovative STEM courses.
We follow a 6:1 Student to Tutor ratio to ensure that every child in the classroom gets personalised attention and can collaborate within small groups to experience a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.

All our tutors are qualified and skilled trainers by profession but makers and tinkerers at heart! We realise the importance of passing on the passion for technology and DIY to our students and always try to bring out the best in them through these courses.

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