Stroke Improvement 2-3, Stroke Correction 4-5-6, Squad Training at Raffles World Academy...
Raffles World Academy - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Pupils will learn the four major strokes, front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Once all strokes are corrected the swimmer is then encouraged to join the HPSC Mini swim squad.
Pupils attending the Mini Squad will improve the competitive strokes, front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke and butterfly and will learn the drills for each stroke. Swimmers will also learn the starting dive and all turns.
Pupils attending these Swim Squad will refine all four competitive strokes, starts and turns. We introduce the swimmer to swimming drills for each stroke. Drills isolate certain portions of a particular stroke and help you focus on what your body is supposed to be doing, On top of that swimmers will improve stamina and we will help them to develop the love of the swimming sport.


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