Spring Swim Camps
Hamdan Sports Complex - United Arab Emirates

High Performance Spring Swim Camp wants to impact every swimmer by creating a warm and welcoming environment allowing the swimmer to learn in a fun and exciting environment. The children will also develop team building and communication skills with their new friends.

The expected group size will be around 8 swimmers to one teacher. We will work with the swimmers to make them comfortable,whilst still challenging them.Throughout the swim lessons your child will be evaluated and documented,and at the end of the course the swimmer will receive a certificate.

We understand that there are some children who experience anxiety during their first participation in swimming lessons. This is normal and usually decreases once the child develops a relationship with the Instructor and becomes more relaxed in the environment.

As we all know, swimming is a life skill that children should learn, not only to be water safe, but also to become more confident. Our coaches are prepared to encourage each and every child to reach their upmost swimming potential.

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children so we hope this special event will lead to more children learning the vital skills of how to swim and ultimately help reduce our drowning statistics.

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