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Piccadilly Nursery - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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Welcome to Piccadilly, a British nursery where we lay down the basic foundations for your precious ones. Be fully assured that, at Piccadilly, your child's journey will be filled with lots of fun, discovery, learning, investigation, and exploration.

We offer a warm and welcoming environment where children are nurtured and motivated to become champions.

We have integrated fun and play into all aspects of the program, allowing learning and development to occur naturally. Our theme is intended to facilitate child development at every child’s personal developmental pace.

Our vision is to provide a high quality, an innovation packed, and activity based pre-schooling, together with world-class facilities fused with fun-learning, enabling young minds to realize their full potential.

To provide quality and consistency, so that every child makes commendable progress and no child gets left behind.

To provide a sturdy foundation through various activities and teaching techniques that are planned around the needs and interests of every individual, which are also assessed and reviewed regularly.

To promote effective partnerships between our facilitators and parents.

To ensure equity, so that every child is engaged and supported.

Fees Structure for Morning Nursery

5% off on Tuition Fees for a whole year:

Extended hours (AED 30/hour)

2PM - 3PM - 660 AED/month

2PM - 4PM - 1200 AED/month

2PM - 5 PM - 1600 AED/month


Monthly Tuition Fees

4 Days a week - 2, 450 AED

5 Days a week - 2, 700 AED

To register your child you need to:

Pay the Registration Fee of AED 2,000/- this is due upon registering you child:

  • Registration– AED 1,500/- (Non-refundable) Includes Piccadilly pack
    with one set of uniform and bag. 

  • Medical Fee– AED 500/ - (Non-refundable)

Submit application form(s) to the Administration for processing and filing:

A - Admission Form with the Following Required Documents:

  • Three passport size photographs

  • Photocopy of Parents & Child's Passport (Residence Visa)

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate

  • Photocopy of Vaccination Card

B - Your Childs' Profile

C - Medical Form

D - Enrollment Preference

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