Rahiq Al Asal Nursery

Al Goaz - Wasit suburb - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
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Rahiq Al Asal Nursery has been established to cater the growing need for a nursery school that is safe, conducive to learning and flexible towards the hours of working parents. Nursery combines the best practices of the EYFS curriculum with the emphasis on cultural norms as well as keeping an eye on the international standards of child development.
Rahiq Al Asal Nursery is fully inclusive setting, enabling children to play, have fun and develop within a safe, healthy environment in partnership with all parents, teachers and care givers.
To provide an outstanding experience that will ensure that your child is able to start full time school as a confident, curious and independent learner. Hence; Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve.
Based on the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, education programmes are designed to encourage positive, stimulating growth and development, free expression and healthy communication skills. We recognize that each child is different and endeavour to deliver the best possible experience in the most flexible manner.
Additionally your child’s learning experience at Rahiq Al Asal Nursery (RAAN) will revolve around theme-based units with a focus on 7 areas of learning. These areas are as follow:
The Prime Areas:
• Communication and Language
• Physical development
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The Specific Areas:
• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Understanding of the World
• Expressive Arts and design
RAAN is divided into 4 age-specific groups (45 days to 4 years old) with classes based on the English curriculum’s Foundation Stage. Activities are based on the understanding that kids learn through play, so the school day is fun and multi-model.
Our facilities include a big shaded outdoor play area, spacious indoor soft play area with gross-motor development equipment and bright classrooms. We offer Arabic classes, Quran and Deeniyat classes as well. The nursery organises various field-trips, various in-house special events and annual events at regular intervals. From the baby units through to the pre-school rooms, we are committed to ensuring that all our children go on to school secure and happy, with their educational fundamentals firmly in place.
Transport facility is provided keeping in mind complete safety of children boarding the bus from home to the nursery and back home.
At RAAN we value the parents’ role as their child’s first and most enduring educators. We strive to work closely with our families to create the best environment for each and every child.
Additionally, we believe that communication between parents and his/her child’s classroom teacher is essential in order to meet each child’s individual needs. As each family is different, we recommend parents to establish their preferred mode of communication and frequency with his/her child’s classroom teacher from the very beginning. Nonetheless, rest assured that when the need arises, the classroom teacher will always place a call to the parents.
Safety is paramount at RAAN. This emphasis on security and childcare is present on our premises and buses which are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers, along with a minimum of one female bus monitor on board to ensure the safety and well being of the children. Besides these security precautions, the nursery also offers CCTV facility.


All Classes - 9,000 AED / Annum

All-inclusive fees for our integrated daily curriculum and enrichment program,


Our Nursery is designed to offer age appropriate environments for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and help them commence their learning journey in a safe and enjoyable environment. In leading a stimulating programme, our activities focus on nurturing the primary areas of development following the EYFS (British) curriculum.

Every day is a new and exciting experience where children play, learn and build special relationships. Here, we lay the foundation for learning focusing on your child’s personal, social, emotional development, language and communication skills and their all-round physical development.

At Rahiq Al Asal Nursery, we offer a unique creative programme for children between 2months to 5 years old. Our all-new after-school activities programme is another great way to ensure your child is getting all the educational needs he or she needs. Here we offer children upto 8 years old the opportunity to play, have fun and explore the world around them.

Our nursery offers distinct areas for babies and toddlers to explore –

·         Baby area

·         Creative area

·         Construction and role play area

·         Classroom and music area

·         Gross motor play area

·         Reading area

Other facilities offered –

·         First aid room, Visiting doctors

·         CCTV in all rooms

·         Monthly newsletters

·         Termly Progress Reports

·         Islamic Classes

·         Transportation

We are open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Call – 0557704878, 0552639035 or Book a seat on raan@rahiqnursery.com

Tel: 06 5587979     Website: www.rahiqnursery.com

Location: Villa No. 368, 12th Saleem Al Ansari Street, Near Quran Roundabout, Al Goaz, Sharjah, UAE.

(Easy access for Sharjah as well as Ajman residents)


Pre-Nursery & Nursery - 7:am to 2:00 pm

Afternoon shift  2 pm to 6 pm

Children need to attend full five days a week to get the maximum benefit from our enrichment programs.


Early Bird Start

Pre-Nursery & Nursery - 6 am to 8 pm

Late Club

All Classes - Up to 8 pm

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