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Al Manara - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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“The first time I ever attended a World Economic Forum I was so in awe of the world’s top business leaders and realized that dinner discussions all led to how stressful their lifestyle and work were and how much it was affecting their lives. From this moment on, I constantly focused all my projects on the ‘nurturing’ aspect and adding value to each person's spirit. The homes and communities I have come to know and to build have been just about that - creating spaces that nurture you, encourage a certain way of life and incorporate nature. It was only a natural evolution that this obsession with nurturing turned to where my children would go to preschool. I didn’t want a pressured environment that is purely about the academics but left them unhappy.
After visiting a Waldorf school, I was immediately struck by how the children were all so confident, looked you in the eye and seemed so comfortable in their own skin but still had a rigorous learning environment. I wanted that for my children; somewhere that looked at education holistically, because yes, the academics are important but so is being comfortable in your skin and learning to relate to others and nature.”

Schedule of fees for 2018 / 2019 

  • One Time Enrolment Fee – AED1000  
  • Annual Medical Fee – AED500  
  • Materials Fee (Only payable from year 2 of enrollment) 

                 Nursery: AED120   

                 3-4 yrs:  AED170   

                 4-6yrs:   AED230 

**All prices are per term 


Zaya Early Learning has ongoing enrollment subject to availability.

If you have attended a tour and you are interested in enrolling your child, you may either request an enrollment pack from the administrator, or you may request that one be emailed to you.

Upon completion of the enrollment form you will be notified whether your application has been successful, and payment of the 1000AED enrollment fee will then secure your child's space.

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