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Dovecote Green Primary School, located at Dubai Investments Park, provides a primary education to a very small community of 250 pupils. We are a community school that has been described by parents as a 'wonderful small British school with a fantastic community spirit'. Dovecote Green Primary School is currently the only UK curriculum school within the DIP area. The school provides a British education for pupils from FS1 to Year 6. As the school grows we have the capacity to educate up to 550 pupils. All teachers have a teaching degree or BA with PGCE or equivalent. There is a footpath linking the school to Green Community West to enable children to walk from their homes, as we encourage families to walk and cycle to school.

Dovecote Green is selective on intake clearly focusing on ability, and streams subjects for different abilities to tailor material and teaching for those who may need more time, as well as for those talented and gifted children within a subject that grasp the concepts more quickly. The school covers “all National Curriculum subjects and set high standards in all.” Dovecote Green is closely linked to Repton senior school. Its aim is to teach the children to finish year 6 at the required standard to pass the Repton entrance exam.

Facilities at the school are excellent, offering an attractive and ‘bright’ environment for learning. The school is set on a large plot of land, part of which is ripe for further development and expansion. The corridors are wide and bright – unlike many schools, there is natural light throughout the building. To the side of the main block is a very spacious indoor sports hall, and a multipurpose dance studio. There are two outdoor swimming pools – a 20 metre pool and a Toddler pool. There are several spacious, covered, shaded play areas with artificial grass within the school grounds, which is a beautiful environment for the children to learn in. Two of the areas have fantastic play equipment for the children to enjoy. Extra-curricular activities offered by the school include football, swimming, dance, martial arts and yoga. Teacher led extracurricular activities are free to all the pupils.

Dovecote Green believes its strength lies in it “catering firmly for the ‘whole child’, developing each child’s thinking skills in order to become a successful 21st century learner. Even when it reaches full size, Dovecote will be a much smaller school than many found in Dubai which will appeal to parents seeking a smaller, more homely environment.

Class sizes will be set at around 20 pupils, and the focus of the school will be on educational quality and sports activities whilst developing strong links to the local community. The school is in a good location for growth – just watch the area as Expo 2020 approaches, and with a very defined set of objectives, has been described as a 'school to watch'.

Autumn Term Fees
Spring Term Fees
Summer Term Fees
Total Tuition Fees
FS 1 16,800 12,600 12,600 42,000
FS 2 16,800 12,600 12,600 42,000
Yr 1 17,600 13,200 13,200 44,000
Yr 2 17,600 13,200 13,200 44,000
Yr 3 18,400 13,800 13,800 46,000
Yr 4 18,400 13,800 13,800 46,000
Yr 5 19,200 14,400 14,400 48,000
Yr 6 19,200 14,400 14,400 48,000

Please note that the above Tuition Fees are exclusive of transport and school uniforms. 
Tuition fees also do not include the cost of any field trips, which shall be charged separately.

Other Fees:

1. Registration Fee: AED 500 
   • This is a one-time, non-refundable payment and must be paid while submitting the registration Form.
   • It is required in order for the school to process your application.

2. Assessment Fee: AED 1000 
   • This is a one-time, non-refundable payment which must be paid prior to your child being invited for assessment.
   • It is required in order for the school to carry out an assessment for your child.

3. Facilities Fees: AED 5000
   • The Facilities Fee is currently not applicable Academic Year 2018-2019.

4. Acceptance Fee (for New Students): -
   • For new students, and according to the Schools Fees Framework, the school will charge parents up to 30% of the total fee amount to be paid within ten (10) days of the issuing of the acceptance letter.
   •This is a non-refundable deposit which must be paid upon enrollment and is subsequently adjusted against (deducted from) your child’s first term’s tuition fees                                                

   • It is required in order to secure your child’s place at Dovecote Green Primary School and enroll in the school. 
   • The Acceptance Fee payment must be received by the school no later than 10 days from the date on your offer letter. Should this fee not be received in the specified time frame, the school’s offer of a place for your child will lapse and will be free to allocate this place to another child.
   • Please be aware that the Acceptance Fee is in accordance with KHDA guidelines.

Parents are requested to remit three cheques at the time of acceptance of place. Payments are divided into three installments of 40%, 30% and 30%, less the initial deposit.

Autumn Term Cheque: 40% of tuition fees - cheque dated 1st September 2018
Spring Term Cheque: 30% of tuition fees - cheque dated 1st January 2019
Summer Term Cheque: 30% of tuition fees - cheque dated 1st April 2019

5. Re-Registration Fee (for Existing Students): -
   • For returning students, and according to the Schools Fees Framework, the school will charge up to 10% of the total fee amount to be paid within the time frame specified by the school: 
   • This amount is non-refundable unless the family has to move outside the Emirate of Dubai before the start of the academic year.
   • The school reserves the right to ask for proof that the family is moving outside the Emirate of Dubai such as an acceptance offer from another school situated outside Dubai.
   • This amount is deductible from the first term of the academic year.

6. Early Payment Discount:-
An early registration discount is now available for those children joining Dovecote Green Primary School in September 2018. A 10% discount will be applied to annual tuition fees if a deposit of 30% is paid prior to 31st December  2017.  A 5%  discount will be applied to annual tuition fees if a deposit of 30% is paid prior to 31st March 2018.  This deposit is then deducted from the first terms tuition fees.

In addition an early settlement rebate of  5% is applicable if the tuition fees are paid in full prior to or on the 31st August 2018.

For more details, please contact the Admissions Office.

Telephone +971 4 883 7474

Dovecote Green Primary School accepts boys and girls age 3 - 11 years in Foundation Stage 1 - Year 6. We follow the National Curriculum of England which is extended and adapted for the region.

The school year runs from September to June however, we are able to admit pupils throughout the school year if places are available and subject to KHDA regulations.

Prospective parents are required to complete an application form and submit this along with the required documents in order to verify the childs age and year group.There is a non-refundable registration fee 500 AED.

Upon receipt of the application parents will be contacted to arrange a time to attend with their child for an assessment. A non-refundable assessment fee of 1000 AED is payable prior to or at the time of assessment.

Following successful completion of the assessment a place offer is sent to parents for acceptance to be confirmed within 10 days of offer being made. 


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